We take great pride in making quality bags.
It is important to us that our goods last, get better with time, & work beautifully.

Our Story 

Owner, Julie Rais Ellis, was a teacher when she started this journey. In August 2010, she bought a sewing machine with a simple desire to make a bag for her computer, what she discovered was a deep joy for making practical goods. With no formal training in sewing or design, Julie found ways to use her background in art to guide her through the process. What began as a personal project, quickly turned into a hobby, and slowly evolved into a study of quality, design, and fashion.

As she honed her skills and let her ideas take shape she decided to call her collection 'Rais Case'.  After
 four years of hard work, many sleepless nights, farmers markets, craft shows, and a healthy dose of determination, Julie started to see how much Rais Case had grown. 

Then the opportunity to open a co-op retail shop arose, Julie loved this idea, but wasn't sure how she could teach full time and run a store, but the thought of moving Rais Case out of her living room and into a brick and mortar shop was too enticing to pass up. So in November 2013, she partnered up with artisan brand, Mr. B's Luminaries and together they opened a collective studio/retail space together, in Del Mar California. 

In January of 2014, it was clearly becoming too hard to juggle being a teacher and running the business.  Julie realized it was time to take a leap of faith and leave her job as an art teacher so she could dedicate more time and energy to Rais Case.   

Very very shortly thereafter she got pregnant and life got really exciting with the edition of baby Kaia, and then surprisingly 9 months later she was pregnant again and in April 2016, they welcomed Ethan into the world (she could write so much more about having two kids and trying to keep things moving forward)!  

Meanwhile the retail shop continuously 
evolved, and they moved from Del Mar up to the Coast Highway to a beautiful and vibrant block in South Oceanside, and the collective grew to include 5ing Goods and Wild Habit.

So now a family of four, + two dogs, and a retail shop/studio of four, Julie and her husband, Grant could not be more excited about what the future holds for their growing family and business.