Behind the scenes, how we design and make, and sell our bags.

Julie Rais Ellis is the designer and founder, her ever evolving style and obsession with quality keeps the company moving forward.  She designs for the everyday women, with utility and simplicity in mind.  

Sample Making:  
Once an idea is sketched on paper,  Julie often makes a set of rough sample at our retail + studio space in Oceanside, CA.  She spends days tinkering and adjusting pieces until she is satisfied with the working sample. (note: this video was filmed off site at a barn Rais Case dreams of one day having as a artist studio + workshop retreat space for customers)

M.A.D. Methods: Julie Ellis, Designer & Owner of Rais Case from Jillian Black on Vimeo.

Textile Choices:  
As a company we highly value materials that have a story and a longevity to how they will wear.  We often do site visits to the source of where we get our  materials, such as Pendleton® wools from the Pacific North West, mud cloths from West Africa, and coming soon artisan textiles from Morocco and Colombia.

Cutting and Sewing:  
This entire process happens under one roof, right here in San Diego, California.  We make our bags in small batches. We work hands on with small family owned and run factory.  We are proud to pay living wages to skilled craftsmen and women in our community.  Their work is the highest quality and our process takes longer, but our bags last longer.

Retail + Shipping:
Once our bags and accessories are finished, we arrange a pick up for that particular production run... (either Julie drives down to San Diego, or Raul comes to Julie's house or the shop).  The bags then go on display at our co-op shop or get shipped out from our workroom located in the back of the shop. 

We thank you for making that possible with your Rais Case purchase.