New Habits

"Ok so I am going to start to write.  Right.  Where do I start?" - me this morning.

This is not a habit I am familiar with.   Pulling the internal dialog from my mind out and into words on a screen feels different and uneasy. 

Although I am not sure how beginning to create a habit of writing works, I do know I have a lot to say and a lot that I want to share. 

My heart is leading me to prioritize work with ReFusion .  I feel this is an important time to dive desspier into this ventures. 

Here is a recap of REFUSION TO DATE:

  • 2018
    • Read Plastic or Planet issue of Nat Geo
    • was highly motivated to find, create solution and began to save all LDPE (plastic poly bags) instead of putting them into the "recycling" bin (more on this later) 
    • started working on ways to turn the plastic bags I had saved (it was A LOT) into a material I could cut and sew.  
  • 2019
    • received a 300 bag order from OluKai,
    • followed by a small order by Sun Bum with great marketing from them
    • first patent filing
    • dubbed process and material as ReFusion which means the act of pouring back. 
    • Met Christine!
  • 2020
    • received orders from Seea, Sun Bum, KindHumans
    • built website and reserved the url:
    • created social media account @refusion__
    • Christine and I filed for Non Provisional and PCT international patent
  • 2021
    • received an order from City of Oceanside and made 300 laptop case / mailers out of residential plastic waste
    • Rais Case released a 4 piece ReFusion collection
    • ran into an old friend Peter McBride and he joined our team
    • applied for a grant
  • 2022 
    • stay tuned...we hope to secure funding and strategic partners this year so we can take ReFusion to the next level. 
    • we are at the next stage of patent filling on our US Patent
    • we are filing in Mexico

ReFusion is not like the other recycled fabric you see in the current marketplace.  It looks different.  You can tell it is made of plastic.  That feels like  a significant element of the venture at this moment.  It serves a visual reminder that we consumed this waste as a society and that we can find wonderful practical and beautiful ways to reuse it. 

To circle back around, a personal goal of mine is to change how I structure my workday.   After I get my kids ready for school I tend to jump right into the work at hand for Rais Case and Rising Co., which comes as second nature to me.   I am now going to begin a pratice of putting energy into ReFusion. (I am sharing this so it keeps me accountable.)  It may come in the form of a writing or video, or event, or who knows.  I want to share the journey and invite you to join in because I believe we are much much larger than the sum of our parts and as we connect we can make big changes, in this case for the good of our beautiful planet.